v1.0.5.0 released

Release date


Release summary

Thanks to Henry I found out that CardJIRA didn’t work properly (read: at all) on JIRA Cloud. And well, that sucks. So it was time to rework the whole thing and I learned a lot about the differences between JIRA and JIRA Cloud. So what I did was, I fixed the basic functionality (i.e. creating cards). Now it works on both JIRA as well as JIRA Cloud and you can create cards from single issues or your agile boards.

Still, not everything is working, yet. There is e.g. a problem with saved filters. And besides that I solved some of the problems in ways I’d still like to improve. And error handling has to be re-done. So in the next couple of days / weeks there will be updates improving the situation for JIRA Cloud step by step and introducing the extended functionality like the sprint focus report. All while keeping CardJIRA stable and functional for JIRA Server.

I expect that there will be improvements for JIRA Server as well, while I’m refactoring the code I introduced to make the addon work for JIRA Cloud.

All in all: thanks Henry!


  • generating issue icon on cards didn’t work on JIRA Cloud
  • retrieving epic details didn’t work on JIRA Cloud
  • retrieving info about agile boards didn’t work on JIRA Cloud (which in turn broke all following functionalty)