v1.0.4.5 released

Release Date


Release summary


Big one in the new year: I completely restructured the way messages are sent from one component of the addon to another. That way I could introduce a popup dialogue when you click the CardJIRA icon. So now you can have quicker and easier access to the addon’s functionality.

But probably the biggest thing is the Sprint Focus Report CardJIRA now offers. You can now see if and how focused your sprints are – do you work on the right things? Find out and help your team and your product owner understand what’s happening. A report¬†I feel is greatly useful but not offered by Atlassian. (Why?)


  • Sprint Focus Report introduced – see what’s happening, learn and improve!
  • Introduction of popup dialogue on icon click
  • Message pipeline between background.js, content.js, popup reworked
  • Internal restructuring of the project to make further development easier
  • Minor bugfixes (image urls etc.)