v1.0.3.6 released

Release date


Release summary

After some cleaning up, I’m back to building features. Now you can add the priority icon to your cards and tweak the print out to best suit your needs: scale the cards to get the right size! And I reworked how information is sent from one part of the addon to another – now the data isn’t appended as a URL parameter, but only saved there in case you refresh the page.


  • show priority icon as overlay on issue icon
  • print options: scale print outs for better print results
  • rework howinformation is passed within the addon


Show priority icon on cards

You can now choose to add the priority icon of an issue to the card. You’ll find the option in the “special settings” section of the settings dialogue.¬†You can choose to restrict it to bugs only, or have it displayed on all cards – if the priority is set for the current issue.

It is added as an overlay to the issue icon and appears at its lower right corner. It looks like this:

Print options – scaling and page break

If the default card size doesn’t fit for your purposes, you can now scale the print outs to a size you prefer. The option is available through a dedicated section in the settings dialogue:

Please be aware that you might have to adjust the “page break / cards per page” setting, depending on the scaling factor you choose. The default value is thee cards on one page (the paper format is a4). This has proven to be a sensible default.

Reworked how information is passed within the addon

Up until v1.0.3.1 the issue data was appended to the url of the output page, i.e. cards.html. This was a workaround until I could switch to the sendMessage / onMessage functionality provided by chrome. Now passing the information is more robust and the whole process is easier to maintain. Plus: you can pass more information via the message functionality than via a URL parameter. It’s not really an issue here, but … you know … just in case.

However, I still have to append the data to the URL after I generate the cards. The reason is, that otherwise the cards would disappear if you’d refresh the output page.

Cleaning up the thing one step at a time!