v1.0.2.9 released

Release date: 2017-06-12

Release summary: Now you get more helpful error messages, whenever CardJIRA cannot create cards from a page. Besides that I changed stuff in the engine room – you shouldn’t notice that as a user. Plus a bugfix: it lead to problems when a JIRA url contained an issue key as well as a filter id (read: CardJIRA didn’t work in that case) – fixed it. Plus another “bugfix”: even if you localized the name of the custom field used to rank issues, CardJIRA should work.


  • removed page and links to helpfaq.html
  • refactoring of URL validation in content script
  • general refactoring of content script
  • better error messages
  • bugfix: XML url generation / JIRA page type detection in content script
  • bugfix: retrieving localization of custom field with the lexorank (used to rank issues) to use in JQL queries – who would localize such a field, especially when there’s no stable / common ID across all JIRA installations?! (The fix is not very beautiful, I’m not too proud … but it works.)