release2017-06-01v1.0.2.1 released

There's some more information on the addon, how it works, what it does and how to use it in the help / faq section. »

release2017-06-01v1.0.2.0 released

I did major refactorings on the content script. Makes it easier to maintain and to develop new features. But it doesn't change (read: break) anything for you. And then there's the new help / faq section that explains what the main use cases are and how CardJIRA works. »

release2017-06-01v1.0.1.3 released

update of extensions description (manifest) minor refactoring of changelog.html visual feedback for user when settings are saved on kanban boards the selected issues will be printed (kanban boards only) »

release2017-06-01v1.0.1.1 released

extension can be triggered from agile board if sprint is running (scrum boards only) update of extensions description (manifes »

release2017-06-01v1.0.0.7 released

links between settings dialogue and changelog update of display logic for update / install, back to settings link on changelog release date introduced to changelog Martin joined - he's a cool guy and knows his stuff »

release2017-06-01v1.0.0.5 released

bugfix: recalculating number of available custom field slots on click on button "remove all custom fields from the scrum cards" changed update / install message »

release2017-06-01v1.0.0.4 released

moved layout css file(s) to dedicated location using different css files for different card layouts, depending on addon configuration recalculating available custom field slots per style on layout change (click on button "use layout") added layout "morecustomfields" (copy of layout standard) for testing purposes applying chosen style (layout) to preview in settings dialogue on layout change (click on button "use layout") »

release2017-06-01v1.0.0.3 released

changelog.html added changlog opens whenever extension is installed / updated cleaned up stylesheet for changelog and settings dialogue »