release2017-07-12v1.0.3.9 released

Just one more for convenience - I noticed that with the reworked communication pipeline between the addons' components, when a user triggers CardJIRA on a page that doesn't provide information on JIRA issues, they get an error message, but there's still the ouput page that is opened and doesn't contain any output. Yeah. So I fixed that. »

release2017-07-06v1.0.3.6 released

After some cleaning up, I'm back to building features. Now you can add the priority icon to your cards and tweak the print out to best suit your needs: scale the cards to get the right size! And I reworked how information is sent from one part of the addon to another - now the data isn't appended as a URL parameter, but only saved there in case you refresh the page. »

release2017-07-05v1.0.3.1 released

This one is a clean up release - I deleted some old and now unused code and corrected some typos. Nothing spectacular ... And I adjusted the styling of the settings dialogue to fit to this website's look. »

release2017-06-30v1.0.3.0 released

This one is a bigger update. I reworked how you can add fields (custom fields or system fields) to the cards you want to print. Now it's way easier - in the settings dialogue, you just click on the example card and you're guided through the whole process. Took some time, but I think it's worth it! »

release2017-06-13v1.0.2.10 released

I'm not bothering you with notifications for every tiny update - most of the times I don't change the functionality, but clean up stuff I left lying around somewhere in the code base. In fact you probably won't even see this message. »

release2017-06-12v1.0.2.9 released

Now you get more helpful error messages, whenever CardJIRA cannot create cards from a page. Besides that I changed stuff in the engine room - you shouldn't notice that as a user. Plus a bugfix: it lead to problems when a JIRA url contained an issue key as well as a filter id (read: CardJIRA didn't work in that case) - fixed it. Plus another "bugfix": even if you localized the name of the custom field used to rank issues, CardJIRA should work. »

release2017-06-07v1.0.2.7 released

Continuing with the integration of the website. I.e. removing - step by step - information displayed on the cardjira website from the extension. Started with the changelog. »

release2017-06-02v1.0.2.4 released

Some issue custom issue icons cause problems - especially when they have been added in older JIRA versions. In those cases I use a generic issue icon. »

release2017-06-01v1.0.2.3 released

Most important thing I did: I added information on how to display custom fields on cards. Apart from that I reworked the message handling for updates / new installs. Plus: if you put the label "expedite" on one of your issues, it'll be styled in a way, that helps you recognize the issue is special, when you see it on the task board. »