release2018-03-19v1.5.13.0 released

Among other minor things I changed the height of the table headings for the epic columns (sprint focus report) - it doesn't contain any information and might be misinterpreted. And you can now see the version name in the popup. It helps when you're running two different versions of CardJIRA (read: testing & development). »

release2018-03-05v1.5.12.0 released

Just a small bugfix release: somehow the unicorn disappeared from expedites, when they were printed out ... I know, I know ... »

release2018-02-28v1.5.11.0 released

From the version number it looks as if this was a huge leap. But to be honest: it's not. I just had to change the way the versions are counted - more on the reasons at a later time. It's not a big deal, rather an inconvenience for me. Nevertheless I also changed the notification logic so you won't be bothered with successful update notifications for corrected typos etc. »

release2018-02-07v1.0.5.4 released

Another small step: fixed some stuff for JIRA Cloud - soon the Sprint Focus Report will be stable there. You can already try it out, it should work in most cases. Apart from that there's a small bugfix and preparations for refactorings that will be shipped with the next release(s). »

release2018-02-06v1.0.5.2 released

This one is the first in a series of releases that aim to improve code quality (and with it reliability, robustness etc.) ... I'm cleaning up after last release's changes. That way I can concentrate on fixing other small issues without worrying about getting lost in the codebase and not being able to maintain CardJIRA »

release2018-01-30v1.0.5.0 released

Thanks to Henry I found out that CardJIRA didn't work properly (read: at all) on JIRA Cloud. And well, that sucks. So it was time to rework the whole thing and I learned a lot about the differences between JIRA and JIRA Cloud. I fixed the basic functionality (i.e. creating cards) and CardJIRA now also works on JIRA Cloud, yay! »

release2018-01-16v1.0.4.5 released

Big one in the new year: I completely restructured the way messages are sent from one component of the addon to another. Plus: the Sprint Focus Report CardJIRA now offers. You can now see if and how focused your sprints are - do you work on the right things? Find out and help your team and your product owner understand what's hapening. A report I feel is greatly useful but not offered by Atlassian. »

release2017-07-27v1.0.3.13 released

I fixed a bug and I liked it ... seriously, I fixed a bug in how empty values from date fields were handled. If you wanted to display e.g. the due date on an issue and the field was not set in JIRA, the the output was broken. The output was something like "NaN-undefined-NaN" - not really nice. So, yeah, I fixed it. »