release2017-07-27v1.0.3.13 released

I fixed a bug and I liked it ... seriously, I fixed a bug in how empty values from date fields were handled. If you wanted to display e.g. the due date on an issue and the field was not set in JIRA, the the output was broken. The output was something like "NaN-undefined-NaN" - not really nice. So, yeah, I fixed it. »

release2017-07-12v1.0.3.9 released

Just one more for convenience - I noticed that with the reworked communication pipeline between the addons' components, when a user triggers CardJIRA on a page that doesn't provide information on JIRA issues, they get an error message, but there's still the ouput page that is opened and doesn't contain any output. Yeah. So I fixed that. »

documentation2017-07-07Error messages when running CardJIRA

Once you click the CardJIRA icon in your browser, CardJIRA runs a couple of checks, to make sure it can collect issue data and create cards for you. Sometimes, however, these checks fail and you get an error message. Here's a full list of error messages, what they mean and how to solve the problem. »

release2017-07-06v1.0.3.6 released

After some cleaning up, I'm back to building features. Now you can add the priority icon to your cards and tweak the print out to best suit your needs: scale the cards to get the right size! And I reworked how information is sent from one part of the addon to another - now the data isn't appended as a URL parameter, but only saved there in case you refresh the page. »

howto2017-07-06Getting started

Here's what drove me to develop such a thing as CardJIRA: the situation in which I started out, what I needed and what I wanted to achieve. And I wrap it up with a short introduction into how CardJIRA works and how it will be developed in the future. »

release2017-07-05v1.0.3.1 released

This one is a clean up release - I deleted some old and now unused code and corrected some typos. Nothing spectacular ... And I adjusted the styling of the settings dialogue to fit to this website's look. »

release2017-06-30v1.0.3.0 released

This one is a bigger update. I reworked how you can add fields (custom fields or system fields) to the cards you want to print. Now it's way easier - in the settings dialogue, you just click on the example card and you're guided through the whole process. Took some time, but I think it's worth it! »

howto2017-06-30Add fields to cards

So I talked about how you can add fields to your cards ... here's how you do it in version v1.0.3.0+ (spoiler alert: it's pretty easy) »

release2017-06-13v1.0.2.10 released

I'm not bothering you with notifications for every tiny update - most of the times I don't change the functionality, but clean up stuff I left lying around somewhere in the code base. In fact you probably won't even see this message. »