Add fields to cards

So I talked about how you can add fields to your cards … here’s how you do it in version v1.0.3.0+¬†(spoiler alert: it’s pretty easy)

Open CardJIRA settings

Well, first of all, head over to chrome://extensions – that’s where you manage your extensions and get access to the extensions settings dialogue.

Scroll to the example card

You have probably seen it already:

You’ll notice the “empty slots” at the bottom of the card …

Click an empty slot and add the desired field

Once you click an empty slot, you’ll be guided through a process to add fields to your card:

In this example we’ll add a system field – the due date:

As soon as you click “add field” CardJIRA saves the settings and you’re done! The example card in the settings dialogue will be updated accordingly:

Of course you can choose another system field – there’s a list in the documentation, which system fields are available.

Custom fields

If you choose to add a custom field, you can do that as well. Just select “custom field” instead of “system field” in the first step and put in the name of the desired custom field. But make sure you type it exactly how it is spelled – including spaces and upper / lower case characters … JIRA is sometimes a bit peculiar here and there. Anyway … here’s an example of a printed issue card with the custom field “Story Points” added to the template: